• LinKerSec channel

    A Telegram channel about Linux kernel security. Me and Alexander Popov regularly post links to materials about exploits, fuzzers, migitations, and other security-related things there.

    The posts are also reflected on Twitter and on Reddit.

  • Contributions to the Linux kernel

    An entry about my contributions to the Linux kernel. This includes patches for KASAN, KCOV, USB Raw Gadget, and changes accross other subsystems.

  • Contributions to syzkaller

    An entry about my contributions to syzkaller — a state-of-the-art kernel fuzzer. This includes external network and USB fuzzing extensions and lots of syzlang descriptions and features.

  • Linux kernel exploits

    A set of Linux kernel proof-of-concept exploits I wrote over the years.

  • Linux Kernel Exploitation collection

    A huge collection of links related to Linux kernel security.

  • VMware Exploitation collection

    A collection of links related to VMware escape exploits. I started putting it together after I had failed to write a VMWare exploit during the Real World CTF Finals in 2018.

  • Raw Gadget

    Raw Gadget is a low-level interface for the Linux USB Gadget subsystem. This reposity contains examples and a test suite for Raw Gadget.

  • Unlockdown

    A set of proof-of-concept exploits to disable Linux kernel lockdown on Ubuntu without physical access.

  • Easy Linux Pwn

    A set of beginner-level binary exploitation tasks covering a variety of different architectures. Includes exercises for x86, ARM, MIPS, PowerPC; both 32 and 64-bit.


    An introductory course on CTF I tought at MIPT.