I’m a security researcher and a software engineer focusing on the Linux kernel. I am also the founder and the managing director of Xairy Labs, a company providing consulting services and trainings on Linux and Android kernel security.

I spent 5 years at Google working on several security-related Linux kernel subsystems and tools, including KASAN — a fast dynamic bug detector, and syzkaller — a production-grade kernel fuzzer. I also wrote a few Linux kernel exploits for the bugs I found.

Right now, I’m continuing the endeavor of improving the Linux kernel security via Xairy Labs, the company I founded. As a part of that, I am supporting Google’s work on delivering Arm Memory Tagging Extension, an exploit mitigation, to Android. I also instruct trainings on Linux kernel security.

I presented the results of my work at multiple international events. This includes events organized by the Linux Foundation, such as Linux Security Summit and LinuxCon, and other security conferences like OffensiveCon, Android Security Symposium, and PHDays.

Occasionally, I’m having fun with hardware hacking, teaching, and other random stuff.

Follow me @andreyknvl on Twitter or @xairy on LinkedIn for notifications about new articles, talks, and training sessions.

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